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When James first started his business, there were 32 members of staff.

In order for them to perform all their tasks properly, James purchased 32 Office 365 licences as well as several other important software packages. Now, three years later, James has just renewed all of his licences, but unfortunately, six of his staff have left, leaving James paying for six annual licences he doesn’t need. Does having the flexibility to use what you need and cancel what you don’t, sound like a good idea? As a Microsoft Gold Partner Prosper can offer competitive rates on software packages, get in touch today.

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Today, it’s easier than ever to have access to the full gamut of Microsoft Office software. What’s more, all the apps are available as offline, downloadable software, or web-based remote WebApps.

Left the office and forgot to send that really important email to a supplier for tomorrow’s order? No problem, simply log on to the Office 365 portal and keep working just as you would in the office.

Need to take some documents on a plane journey to work on but you won’t have an internet signal? No problem, using Words offline app, you can work on anything you need, download the file and keep on working.

This is the flexibility that the world today demands, and Microsoft delivers in every aspect.  Word, Outlook and Excel, together with many business apps available in Microsoft Office 365.

Business Team In Office
Microsoft Office 365 Get Start Screen

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Prosper can offer you  Microsoft Office 365 licencing for a very competitive monthly subscription. Prosper also offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of licences whenever you want. You will only pay for what you need.

Prosper’s buying power can be a huge benefit to you. With the strength in the marketplace to offer discounted licencing. Offering Visio, Dynamics, Adobe, Office 365, SQL and server software, to name just a few.

Give your team the software they need for explosive growth and see your business prosper, get in touch today.

“We chose Prosper for several reasons – their superior solutions, immensely knowledgeable team and the fact that they “held our hand” more than adequately throughout the tendering process in order to fully ensure detailed accurate planning was undertaken.

They definitely went the “extra mile” in looking closely at the technical options for us both in terms of hardware and software. It was the way they went about this part of the plan that set them apart.”

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