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Located in the heart of Cornwall, Prosper IT Solutions is the newly blossoming arm of the Datasharp Family. Established over thirty years ago, Datasharp has been at the forefront of the data & communication industry in the U.K. Over the past five years, Datasharp’s prowess in IT services has developed strongly, seeing us branch out as a leading IT support partner in the South West. Prosper IT Solutions has been created to reinforce our position in the field of Information Technology. Offering a full suite of IT Support and Solutions, from the initial seed of an idea to the resulting blooming business you always dreamt of . Prosper is ready, willing and able to accompany you through the entire process. The world of IT is constantly evolving with new solutions and technologies being developed. Prosper is driven by our compulsion to reach out and embrace the future, to broaden our horizon’s. Building on our already superior IT services we bring game changing solutions to our customers. We draw on over seventy years’ combined experience in the fields of IT, Connectivity and Communication to deliver high quality, value for money solutions to even the most complex of problems your business may be faced with.

What we do

Offering four structured, independent elements, covering all aspects and requirements you may have to support and develop your team. Consultancy, Design, Deployment and Support, all brought together to provide a full process from concept to delivery, and beyond. We offer each element as a stand alone service. So if you only need deployment of a solution or support for an existing business environment, we will be happy to help and offer you our expertise. The life-cycle of any IT solution follows a simple process. Here is a small idea of how we can help you.


Sometimes you need the help of the experts to point you in the right direction and set you on the best path. Having a clear road-map for your business development can ensure the right action is taken at the right time. After an in-depth analysis of your business requirements, considering your current and future growth plans. Our consultancy services will provide an array of options best suited to your brief. Delivering you a clear proposal broken down into milestones, stages and processes, allowing you to understand and explore the options available.


Armed with the information you provided us or following from our Consultancy Services, our dedicated Design team will present you with the solutions available. We understand that the perfect choice is not always feasible. So where possible, we endeavour to provide alternative solutions to fit your brief, including your budget and time scales. We will talk you through the reasons behind our proposed design and guide you through the solutions available. All of which will help you move forward in the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice; Logistically and financially.


Only when you’re comfortable with your choice, our team of highly skilled IT Solution engineers will begin work on deploying your chosen solution. Putting their years of technical knowhow to work, they will demonstrate the expertise and training that you will come to understand as a staple of Prosper IT Solutions. Including, but not limited to, on-site training, detailed documentation and ecological disposal of old unneeded equipment.


Your business needs will inevitably change over time. Staff will come and go, office relocations or your industry developing into new markets can all cause unforeseen problems. This is where Prosper Support Services will prove invaluable. With the backing of our dedicated support team, the changes your business requires don’t need to cause you downtime. Whether you require a full or partly managed service, proactive monitoring, or third-line support. Prosper will be shoulder-to-shoulder with you the entire time, ready to aid you with as little disruption as possible.

“Knowing that Prosper has the prestigious Microsoft Gold Accreditation gave us complete confidence in their abilities and the peace of mind that our IT requirements would be well looked after.
We know that Prosper are proactively working behind the scenes, maintaining everything so that issues do not occur. Their Intelligent IT Support is just what we were looking for to keep us ahead of the game in the fast paced travel industry.”

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