File and Data Storage

Melanie and Tom collaborate on office tasks regularly.

However, they don’t work in the same branch office, making it impossible for each of them to work on Word documents and Excel spreadsheets independently of each other. Without the benefit of Cloud file-sharing technology, they must meet up to discuss their proposed changes leading to delays in project completion. Does this sound familiar? For more information on the file-sharing, cloud server technologies and storage capabilities open to you, get in touch.

Work Anywhere

In this day and age, the world of Cloud Computing has opened up a world of collaborative technologies. Options like Microsoft SharePoint and Azure can greatly aid productivity.

Business continuity has never been easier to achieve. Backup and storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive, Azure and SharePoint allow teams spread across different locations to work together.

Teams working as cohesive units to deliver on projects and tasks as if they were in the same room.

As a premier Microsoft Gold Partner we are able to offer discounted pricing to you on the full suite of Microsoft professional Software Licencing.

Lady Using Mobile Phone And Laptop Business Computing
IT Consultant Showing Cloud and Local File And Data Storage

The cloud has never been so exiting. Microsoft Azure products bring the full technology of a local domain server via the Cloud. Enabling remote access to domain profiles and files previously only accessible locally.

Bringing together your office software and security from literally anywhere in the world. With Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive you can break free from the need of local server storage.

A full cloud solution not for you? There are still many affordable physical & network-attached server solutions. From small desktop Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices to a Cisco rack-mounted server.

Affordable, reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for any business environment. Prosper can tailor-make a solution to suit your business and get you Cloud-Ready  get in touch today.

“Prosper is clearly a company that takes pride in the service they deliver to their customers. I was impressed by them from the very first meeting. Good customer care is a rare commodity these days, but Prosper has nailed it!”

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