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Susan set up a small business several years ago and, with patience and dedication, it’s grown.

Susan’s staff and customer base have grown too. The office has 7 laptops and 10 workstations for her staff, a server, router, firewall and two printers. Susan’s equipment looks as good as it did when it was first installed 8 years ago and is a matter of pride. So, although, more and more problems have been reported, even with the simplest computing task, Susan is reluctant to act. Is your office in desperate need of an update? Let us equip you with the latest computers and servers allowing your business to function at its fullest potential. Get in touch today.

The Power To Grow

This tale is so painfully familiar for many businesses in today’s marketplace. Nobody wants to go to the expense of replacing an office full of equipment, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

It’s not only the cost but with so many brands to choose from like Microsoft, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, or HP, trying to get the best solution for your business can be an unforgiving task. In many cases, businesses end up paying double buying ill filling solution to start with.

Prosper specialise in Dell workstations and servers due to their strengths as a business computing solution. They are proven, cost-effective and robust in all avenues of business. 

Office Team Using Desktop and Laptop Computers
Cisco Business Server
Business Computing solutions don’t start and end with workstations, many devices work in unison to deliver an efficient office network. Prosper partners with companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Cisco, to bring you Business Computing at highly competitive price. We can provide you with the technology that will help your business move forward in confidence. Get in Touch and let us bring your Business Computing into the 21st century.
“We chose Prosper for several reasons – their superior solutions, immensely knowledgeable team and the fact that they “held our hand” more than adequately throughout the tendering process in order to fully ensure detailed accurate planning was undertaken.
They definitely went the “extra mile” in looking closely at the technical options for us both in terms of hardware and software. It was the way they went about this part of the plan that set them apart.”

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