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Simon owns a quiet café on the outskirts of a park in the centre of a large metropolitan city.

On the opposite side of the park, equidistant from the train station and bus routes, another café is always full. When Simon visited the other café and noticed that all the patrons are busy tapping away on tablets and smartphones, enjoying their coffee and cake. Looking at his own phone he’s surprised to see a full Wi-Fi signal. Upon returning to his café he looks again to see, one bar. Wi-Fi won’t turn your business into a success overnight, but can you really afford not to have it? Find out how easy adding Wi-Fi to your premises can be, get in touch today.

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In 2017, reports showed that over 78% of adults regularly accessed the internet ‘on the go’. Two years on and it could easily be as high as 85%. It makes sense to create a more permanent, dedicated and robust WiFi solution for your business. Prosper’s cloud-based wireless solutions including, Aruba and Aerohive devices, offer flexible ways to manage your Wi-Fi services. For a robust, enterprise-level solution, we recommend our suite of WiFi products offered by Cisco. Offering powerful cloud management consoles providing traffic monitoring and device management. The latest Business and Public WiFi solutions recognise and protect against threats, providing the security your customers and team need.
Cafe Customers Using Mobile WiFi Devices
Open Plan WiFi Office
Wi-Fi is almost a necessity these days being hailed “the best invention of the last 25 years”. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice security over accessibility. With our Cloud Managed solutions, the same online Cyber security safeguards can be present across your newly established wireless network. Whether you’re taking customer card payments, answering emails or making WiFi calls, your customers and team alike will be protected. How will you transform your space? Whether it’s a staff room, waiting room or open public space, creating a dependable WiFi experience of your customers and staff has never been more possible. Get in touch and discover your possibilities.

“We are delighted with Prosper’s solution- it’s made a real difference to the efficiency of our hotel. It’s a relief to have a truly reliable WiFi solution that simply works and importantly allows us to focus on providing our guests with the service they deserve.”

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