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Prosper IT Solutions puts growing your business at the heart of its service. The world of technology offers amazing opportunities for explosive growth. Prosper is here to help you with its range of IT Support Services and Solutions, equipping your business with the tools of success.

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People are the life blood of every business. Your team is your strength, the best of who you can be, the future of who you will become. Imagine where you would be now if your team was equipped to excel, developing faster, reaching further, achieving greatness. Our team is our strength and we are here to help. With outstanding technical service and a range of life changing products, we are here to give you the edge.

IT Support Services

The modern workplace is evolving fast with technology supporting nearly every facet of daily life. Your team and your customers rely on your technology every day, it is the engine that fuels your growth. We know how important it is for you, not only to keep your systems up to date and running, but to advise and support you on your journey to improve productivity and satisfaction, embracing latest technology. IT Support Services and Solutions , made from four structured independent elements we cover all aspects and requirements you may have to support your team. Consultancy, Design, Deployment and Support, all brought together to provide a full process from concept to delivery, and beyond. From start-ups to existing multi site environments we are here to help. The life-cycle of any IT solution follows a simple process. Click here to see see how we can help you.

Connectivity & Communication

Phoebe is the owner of a long-established business, and under her guidance, the business has expanded. She is now the head of a four-branch empire with 26 staff. Each year more of Phoebe’s suppliers stop taking orders over the phone, they no longer send their receipts through the post, and Phoebe’s staff are finding that their ADSL internet service and lone computers, in each branch, are no longer suitable for their work. Are these sorts of issues faced by you and your business? If you’d like to learn more about how Prosper can bring your business up to date then, click here.


Jake, the manager of a large supermarket came into the office on Monday morning to find all 49 of his computers, point-of-sale machines, security and server systems had been overrun with a notorious RansomWare virus, rendering all his data inoperable and his equipment dangerously volatile if reused. Jake was left with no other choice but to close his branch until all new equipment could be provided, unfortunately, his data was completely lost. Can your network withstand a RansomWare attack? If you can’t say for certain, don’t risk it. With the latest in firewall and cybersecurity, we can safeguard your network, click here.

File & Data Storage

Melanie and Tom collaborate on office tasks regularly. However, they don’t work in the same branch office, making it impossible for each of them to work on Word documents and Excel spreadsheets independently of each other. Without the benefit of Cloud file-sharing technology, they must meet up to discuss their proposed changes leading to delays in project completion. Does this sound familiar? For more information on the file-sharing, cloud server technologies and storage capabilities open to you, click here.

Business & Public Wi-Fi

Simon owns a quiet café on the outskirts of a park in the centre of a large metropolitan city. On the opposite side of the park, equidistant from the train station and bus routes, another café is always full. When Simon visited the other café and noticed that all the patrons are busy tapping away on tablets and smartphones, enjoying their coffee and cake. Looking at his own phone he’s surprised to see a full Wi-Fi signal. Upon returning to his café he looks again to see, one bar. Wi-Fi won’t turn your business into a success overnight, but can you really afford not to have it? Find out how easy adding Wi-Fi to your premises can be, click here.

Business Computing

Susan set up a small business several years ago and, with patience and dedication, it’s grown. Susan’s staff and customer base have grown too. The office has a total of 7 laptops & 10 workstations for her staff, a server, router, firewall and two printers. Susan’s equipment looks as good as it did when it was first installed 8 years ago and is a matter of pride. So, although, more and more problems have been reported, even with the simplest of computing task, Susan is reluctant to act. Is your office in desperate need of an update? Let us set you up with the latest computers and servers to allow your business to function to its fullest potential, click here.

Software Licensing

When James first started his business, there were 32 members of staff. In order for them to perform all their tasks properly, James purchased 32 Office 365 licences as well as several other important software packages. Now, three years later, James has just renewed all of his licences, but unfortunately, six of his staff have left, leaving James paying for six annual licences he doesn’t need. Does having the flexibility to use what you need and cancel what you don’t, sound like a good idea? As a Microsoft Gold Partner Prosper can offer competitive rates on software packages with added flexibility, click here.

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